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Aiming towards providing thorough knowledge about the basics of music theory this course will provide lessons aimed at focusing on scales, and chord theory hacks. Intense Knowledge will be provided by experts on the major and minor scales and composing in DAW. The entire course will span around a time period of 2 months with a guaranteed certificate after its completion. You will be provided 2 bonus masterclasses and problem-solving sessions as well. This course can be opted by the students who are novice as well as the students who have a partial knowledge of the theory involving music production.

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What lessons we teach in the course?

This course is for beginner as well as having partial knowledge of music theory.

Music Theory 101 : Notes, Octaves, Accidental, Clefs
Scales: Root Note, Steps and Intervals
Major & Minor Scales: Structure, Easy method to Memorize
Chords Day 1: Structure and Formation, Different cales and Chords
Chords Day 2: Circle of Fifths, Chord Progressions
Intervals: Naming Intervals, Types, Inverting Intervals, Consonance and Dissonance
Chord Theory Hacks: Secret Tricks
Compose In DAW: Melody Writing, Note Parameters

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