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At a time when “Black Lives Matter” is a flying slogan in the air, it is time for EDM lovers to brush up their knowledge of the real roots of EDM and rave music. True origins of EDM house and techno music is in the 1980s amongst the Black Gay societies and Hispanic communities. This form of music originally sang protests against the hardships faced by the black gay community and served as a tool for them to accept and embrace their sexual identity. The name “house” music has been derived from the name “The Warehouse”, which was a black gay club in Chicago at which “The Godfather of House Music” Frankie Knuckles used to play.


Techno and dance music gained wide acceptance and popularity when white American straight guys began to love EDM and overcrowd these clubs. Rave culture today is interpreted as a white man’s culture whereas, it is meant to truly stand for embracing people’s differences and breaking the barriers between white, black, straight or gay. Such misinterpretations can only be eliminated by educating our own selves and breaking the taboo regarding “black” or “gay” or “black gay” communities and their work. So we must take our time and learn more intricately about those that are different from us.

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